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Steve Poltz ★★★

King Tuts, Glasgow
Supporting Glenn Tilbrook

This singer/songwriter is by far the happiest guy I have ever seen in my life. His very distinctive songs are so full of fun ,the audience was left in total awe and laughter throughout his 30 minute performance this week. Such an inspiring songwriter.

Would love to see him live again soon!


Glenn Tilbrook ★★

King Tuts, Glasgow


The lead singer of the band “Squeeze”, Glenn Tilbrook, is a musical genius.
The 2 hour gig consisted of mainly upbeat songs from both his solo albums “The Incomplete Glenn Tillbrook” and “Translantic Ping Pong.” The venue was perfect and by covering a few Squeeze songs such as  ”Up The Junction” , Tillbrook  ensured the gig was a total hit with the crowd.  Would have liked a few more Squeeze songs to have been played tho and a shorter break in the middle would have been preferred. However the encore was great, with the supporting act – Steve Poltz, joining Tilbrook on stage for a performance of the upbeat song “Tempted.”

Good wee gig overall

Rihanna ★★★★

SECC ,Glasgow


This. Gig. Was. Amazing.

Rihanna really knows how to put on a good show. With Calvin Harris the supporting act and with her countless stunts such as playing the drums in the middle of the audience, the crowd were nothing less than hyped.
Songs from her early career such as “Pon de Replay” and “SOS” were full to the brim with energy. And her most recent chart toppers including “Umbrella” and “S&M” had the crowd singing along to every word.

I honestly never expected her show to be that good.

Kate Walsh ★★

King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow


Honestly, I had heard virtually nothing of this singer/songwriter from Essex, but after her recent gig in Glasgow, I am definitely a new fan.

With a 75 minute set including her most famous songs “Your Song” and “Don’t break my heart”, Kate successfully captured the audience with her raw acoustic talent. “Le Jardinier” was also a huge hit, after Kate explained she wrote the song, in french ,about the boy she liked, “so no one could understand it.”

Such a great voice.

And the venue was amazing.

Alan McKim ★★★

King Tuts, Glasgow
Supporting Kate Walsh

A performance of songs from his most recent EP ” The Law of Attraction” provided the crowd with an insight into the amazing talent that this singer/songwriter from Paisley has.

Having last seen him supporting passenger in October, It was clear to see that his talent simply continues to thrive with every performance. Original songs such as “Stornoway” and “Addicted to Poision” created a very intense and unique atmosphere within the room.

With new music videos promised to be filmed within the new year, we can’t expect nothing less than amazing from him.

Really great gig.

Daniel Docherty ★★★

Classic Grand, Glasgow

Often found on Buchanan street with a guitar in hand, The young Glasgow busker managed to draw in crowds despite this gig being so last minute and for £6 a ticket, it was well worth it.

The 35 minute set consisted of a cover of “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls and a load of his original songs including “Ghosts” and “A Fighting Mind”. Towards the end of the set, “Busking” proved to be a great hit with the crowd, providing heaps of laughter with every verse, and with this, it was clear to see why his fan base is rapidly on the increase.

A few more cover versions would have been good ,however with other upcoming artists within the line up on the night, many lacking original songs of the same quality, Daniels choice of songs proved to work in his favour, And another great gig was delivered.

Great wee gig

Definetly watch this space.

The Vaccines ★★★

SECC, Glasgow


Supporting The Arctic Monkeys

I wasn’t expecting much from them this time considering their substandard performance due to illness at the ABC previously this year, however I was nothing short of impressed.

Playing hits from their only album including “Post Break Up Sex” and “Norgaard”, The Vaccines were on top form this time round and definitely knew how to get the crowd hyped.

A smaller venue would have probably been better for this gig, and for the fact I could have gotten a better view of Freddie Cowan 😉 , however supporting The Arctic Monkeys was clearly a great move for them.

If this great standard can be maintained, then its safe to say we will be hearing a lot more from this London based band in the years to come.

Great gig.

Arctic Monkeys ★★★★

SECC, Glasgow 

First time I’ve seen The Arctic Monkeys live and they were nothing less than amazing.

Alex Turner captured the crowd in Glasgow on Tuesday night with his outstanding guitar skills and overall gorgeous looks. The all standing arena really added to the buzzing atmosphere as songs such as Thunderstorm, Mardy Bum and Black Treacle left us leaving with ringing in our ears and smiles on our faces.
The change of genre within their newest album revealed that Alex Turner is now being compared to the likes of James Dean and this certainly proved a hit with the younger generation with a great mix of old and new materials to encourage all ages.

Despite some bitch throwing beer over me during the encore , It was an overall great night.

Katy Perry ★★★★

SECC , Glasgow

Katy Perry wowed the crowds in Glasgow once again with her fun filled, high energy California Dreams Tour. Despite over 15 outfit changes, numerous video intros, a human slot machine and even an Elvis Presley impersonator throughout this theatrical stage performance, Katy Perry ensured she still had fans hanging off her every word.

Allowing fans on stage to dance along side her, with one lucky boy “ginger boy” even being chosen to kiss katy up on stage. Songs such as “Teenage Dream” and “California Girls” really got the crowd going and “Not Like The Movies” brought out Katys raw acoustic talent.

It was an all standing gig so smaller kids may not have got the best view and I personally would have liked to have heard more acoustic style songs being played ,but all in all the gig was amazing!