Daniel Docherty ★★★

Classic Grand, Glasgow

Often found on Buchanan street with a guitar in hand, The young Glasgow busker managed to draw in crowds despite this gig being so last minute and for £6 a ticket, it was well worth it.

The 35 minute set consisted of a cover of “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls and a load of his original songs including “Ghosts” and “A Fighting Mind”. Towards the end of the set, “Busking” proved to be a great hit with the crowd, providing heaps of laughter with every verse, and with this, it was clear to see why his fan base is rapidly on the increase.

A few more cover versions would have been good ,however with other upcoming artists within the line up on the night, many lacking original songs of the same quality, Daniels choice of songs proved to work in his favour, And another great gig was delivered.

Great wee gig

Definetly watch this space.


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2 responses to “Daniel Docherty ★★★

  • Daniel Docherty

    thank you Hannah for writing this!

    and thank you once again for coming to my shows!

    Really appreciate it !

    I’ll be the happiest man when i get a five star review!

    I think however to do this, a headline show would be best for me to create a performance where i knew the croud where already interested 🙂

    Thanks again, x

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