Monthly Archives: December 2011

Waiting For Go ★★★★

Oran Mor, Glasgow

Supporting The Imagineers

I hadn’t heard much from this 5 piece Glaswegian band but I was nothing short of impressed with their 30 minute set this week.

Full of energy and enthusiasm, the band performed many of their original songs including “Stay” and “On the Dancefloor” which many of the crowd, filled with their friends and family, already knew all the words to. This created a great atmosphere throughout the room and the crowd were buzzing.

Great guitar skills could be seen from 1 of 3 guitarists within the band Jack McDade and the very enthusiastic lead singer, Jordan Butler, even carried out an amateur crowd surf.
This band are clearly very passionate about their music and I really hope to hear more from them in the future.
Go check them out!


The Imagineers ★★

Oran Mor, Glasgow

This was my first time in the Oran Mor and it may possibly be my new favourite gig venue. Fresh from supporting Kassidy a few weeks previous, Their headlining gig included supporting acts The Rudiments and Waiting For Go. The four piece glasgow based band performed a 60 minute set consisting of all original songs with a very folky sound.
Popular songs including ‘So Dramatic’ and ‘Marianna’ were certain crowd pleasers on the night. However the lengthy set, with very similar sounding songs caused the crowd to lose focus during the end of the performance.
This band are a bit different to my personal music taste but it was a good gig none the less.
Go see them!

Majestic Dandelion ★★★

Sno Bar Xscape, Glasgow

This 3 piece band from Paisley performed a great 45 minute set this week with free entry and a great acoustic venue, it was a great night all round.
Performing a series of their original songs including a recently written song temporary named, in true glaswegian fashion, as “Hurricane Bawbag.”
This guitar band is clearly very passionate about their music and a great hit with the crowd.
Hope to hear more of then in the future.

Friendly Fires ★★★★

The Barrowlands, Glasgow

Voted one of the best UK live acts, Friendly Fires certainly maintained their title at their last show date this week.

With a set list including ‘Blue Cassette’, ’ Jump In The Pool’ and ‘On Board’ along with their ability to get the crowd moving with every track played, helped ensure a great time was had by all.
Constant strobe lighting throughout the 90 minute performance along with colourful parrot wings resembling the artwork from their latest album “Pala”, being displayed on screens behind the stage showed the band really stepped this tour up a gear.
Really great performance.

The Complete Stone Roses ★★★★

O2 Academy , Glasgow 

This was the first gig I’ve ever been to where I got the ticket for free and got on the guest list. Im moving up in the world haha.

It was such a good night! Playing a series of hits from The Stone Roses, this band are simply amazing. Andy Connor’s guitar skills are nothing short of sweeeeet and to top it off, the lead singer – John McKenzie – even looked a lot like Ian Brown.

With the enthusiastic crowd singing along to every single song that was played, including “She bangs the drums” and “Sally Cinnamon” , It was clear to see that The Stone Roses have a lot of work to do if they want to keep up with this famous Glaswegian band.

Would really advise everyone to see this band at least once in their lifetime.