About This Blog

Ok, so first off  – Thanks for visiting!
I really appreciate every single person who has taken the time to check out this blog. 

My names  Hannah. I’m 19 and I’m currently a student in Glasgow.

Live music has always been one of my big passions in life, ever since my first ever gig at Hampden Park, Glasgow for  Live + Loud in 2003. After standing for 6 hours, seeing artists such as Blue, Busted and the Sugababes performing, with the constant ringing in my ears and dressed head to toe in merchandise from the gig, I was instantly hooked at the tender age of 9. And having now been to over 50 gigs, I still get that same instant buzz from a good live performance. I love it.

This blog is mainly full to the brim with gig reviews from in and around Glasgow. Some artists that are reviewed, you may have heard of, which is great, but there will certainly be many which you may not be too aware of, which is why we’re both here. Right?
I try and go to as many gigs as possible and I really enjoy finding and recommending great new music to anyone that will listen. Whether its to my friends, family, collegues, fellow students or just randomers , if I find music that I love – I will be sharing it.  And with artists such as Blue Nile, Biffy Clyro, Simple Minds, Aztec Camera & Deacon Blue ,to name a few, all coming from Glasgow I really feel that amazing music is definitely out there, waiting to be discovered by that “right person” which is why I think sharing and promoting music is important.  I also write this blog ,and all the posts within it,  independently  therefore all opinions are entirely my own and hopefully not biased in any way.
Finally, A few people have asked about the name “Gigd Oot Ma Nut”, and why it was chosen.

Basically I was the bus, on the way home from a gig and I ended up talking to some typical glaswegian ned about music, after naming a few gigs I had been to that month, his reply was ” hawww wit, yer gigd oot yer nut mahn”, and it made me laugh. So as they say, the rest is history. Not too interesting, but still true.

This blog is also one of the first links that appears if you type “gigd oot ma nut” into Google . So that can can only be a bonus.


And so thats it. I would be forever grateful if you all  Like, Comment, Share & Follow!

And please also feel free to email me at


If you have any questions, queries, advice or gig recommendations!

You all can also follow what I’m up to on Twitter  @HMcQuade
Hannah x


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