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Big Country ★★★

Barrowlands, Glasgow

Supporting Act:


Ok so firstly, due to the fog, and my mums reckless driving , I missed the supporting act.
However, I arrived just in time to see Big Country wow the crowds once again at The Barrowlands.

The scottish rock band, who first formed in 1981, appeared on stage at 9pm, to the loud cheers and cries from many of the crowd. Having first performed at the Barrowlands in 1983 for a Hogmanay gig, they returned once again to welcome the Glasgow crowd. Despite there being a clear “bittersweet” atmosphere as the band first appeared onstage, due to the loss of frontman, Stuart Adamson, the band, which now includes Mike Peters performing vocals, were warmly welcomed onstage and the night kicked off with opening songs such as “Angle Park ” and “East of Eden”.
Celebrating 30 years since their debut record, ” The Crossing” was released, the band continued on to perform clearly popular hits including “Another Country” and their newest song,  “Balcony”.

With cheers of “Here We Go”, from many of the crowd, it was evident that there was a sense of old friends being reunited. Everything seemed so familiar to them, and with almost all of the crowd simultaneously singing along to every word thorough out their set, a great buzzing atmosphere was successfully created and it seemed that I could well have been the only person experiencing Big Country live for the first time that night.

Many more, clearly popular hits, were performed including “The Crossing”  ,”Restless Natives” and “Inwards”, before Mike Peters stepped into the middle of the crowd to perform “Chance”, encouraging everyone within the room to singalong. Thus created a clear sense of nostalgia as the band, along with their army of middle-aged  fans ,were once again reconnected within the Barrowland ballroom. And it was nothing less than magical.

The crowd once again went wild as “1000 stars”, “Harvest Home” and “Fields of Fire” were performed before the band thanked the crowd and ended their 95 minute set.
However, It didn’t take long before they returned once again to dedicate a cover of Smokey Robinson’s hit,  “Tracks Of My Tears” to the crowd before continuing on to perform “Look Away” &  finally, “Wonderland ” before they left the stage to the cheers and upmost respect from the crowd.

It was an overall really great gig and it was fantastic to see an older band perform with so much enthusiasm and passion.
And, I must mention that Mark Brzezicki was at his outstanding best on the night.

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